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    1. Conference PIT 2018

    09.05.2017 - The first bosnian Conference for Manufacturing, Industry and Technology (PIT 2018) was held in Tesanj on 19 April, and according to the participants' estimates, it exceeded all expectations...[More]

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    Project of Lean Transformation - Inox Ajanovic

    07.03.2018 - Family businesses in BiH are becoming the only generators of sustainable employment and development in the still “fragile” BiH industries of the moment. However, the directions for...[More]

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    A summary of the highly successful business 2017 year for Targer E&C

    16.02.2018 - The consultant house Targer Engineering & Consulting has made significant progress in business in 2017, and the scale of business plans and expectations in 2018 shifted for several...[More]