Technical solutions

The discovery of agriculture had led to civilization forming as we know it today. Keenly expected fruits of human hard work, sometimes also incurred as a result of curiosity or coincidence, reached a mass dimension only after analytical planning, testing, preparation, realization and maintenance. Organization. Technology. Engineering.

Although companies strive to keep their innovations and technical solutions all in-house, it is often a matter of internal capacities, frequent changes on the market and the need to outsource activities from the mentioned fields on to partners that are capable to carry all those activities out. Leaders in many industries all over the world have recognized that need and already outsourced many engineering and technical operations.

Targer Engineering & Consulting is a partner of that profile. Whether a client needs to balance its production oscillation periods, or a specific idea or market needs development and engineering support, or an organisation simply needs a stable strategic partner, we are capable to carry out these and many other services professionally. Our team has completely adopted a mindset that defines precise approach to focusing on a product's functionality by combining traditional disciplines of mechanics, electronics, IT and communication into one functional system.

Our engineers and external partners provide support wherever it is needed. We are able to perform expert knowledge in various branches and activities by using Best practice solutions.

It will be our pleasure to support clients in the following fields of industrial branches:

  • Development and construction of machines, devices and systems
  • Industrial design
  • 3D modelling and showcase
  • Production engineering
  • Engineering of energetics and environment
  • IT engineering and digitalization