Project management

A project is a complex organisational job form which consolidates many resources and activities. Thereby it is commonly neglected that any successful project has to be run in fact as an enterprise. It involves a precise defined mission, goals, resources, structures, budget, costs and surely a performance rate.

Targer Engineering & Consulting underlines project management in industrial environment as its special strength with a comprehensive approach which clearly provides a proper added value to clients.

It is especially related to projects of direct foreign investments where expert local support on the field is recognised as crucially important for initiating and success of an investment. Besides the operational part of a project our team ensures best possible solutions, whether it concerns a proper location selection, legal operations, or environmental management with governmental investment stimulations.

Clients are supported through project consulting, planning and realisation. We develop appropriate partnership models according to specific demands. The most comprehensive model we offer and conduct is a total project management approach whereby a complete project is managed with an option of issuing a performance guarantee.

In the scope of project management we support the following activities:

  • Resource allocation strategy planning
  • Planning of business projects
  • Complete investment realization
  • Company and production establishments
  • Company and production transfers
  • Expansion, reduction and optimizing of productions and operations
  • Company or plant integration into a group system
  • New product introduction