Industrial engineering

Since the beginning of human civilization up through several industrial revolutions, it has always been crucial for the success of industrial operations to promote networking of human and technical resources as well as raw materials into one efficient system.

So it is nowadays. An organisation has to be Lean. In the midst of a new 4th industrial revolution which some call The Smart Factory, and the others Industry 4.0, Targer Engineering & Consulting is committed to providing only the highest values in its operations.

By implementing organisational methods as Lean, JIT, Kaizen, Kanban, Pull, One peace flow, etc., in a specifically demanded occasion, we avoid needless resource and focus wasting so every client gets appropriate measures which are in the spirit of culture, time, space and organisational size. Introduction of process excellence can be initiated by a decree, but it is only achievable through planning, hard and systematic work on change implementations whereby Targer E&C consults and trains organisations which chose to tackle that business breakthrough.

A perennial experience in managing operations or consulting in various branches, a penetrative and dynamic team is capable to come up to the core of a client's industrial processes and strongly contribute to excellence in performance.

We offer services in the following fields of industrial engineering:

  • Mapping, design and (re)organization of processes and production operations
  • Optimization of processes and production operations
  • Studies, norming of operations and ergonomics
  • Problem solving methods: Six Sigma, 8D, FMEA
  • Quality management and standards ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 17025
  • Logistics and stock management
  • Production digitalization
  • Maintenance and assembly
  • Lean production and operational excellence