Education topics:
- Management and Leadership
- Lean management
- Six Sigma
- Quality management
- ISO 9001
- ISO 16949
- ISO 17025
- SCM and logistics
- Problem solving methods
- Crisis management
- Operations norming
- KPI's


Among other things, industrial enterprises achieve and expand their success by introduction of a comprehensive industrial way of thinking through the whole organisation and all employees. Apart from the company's mission, vision and values on one, and the business and technical culture on the other hand, it is a crucial task to educate employees in those fields that need to become more professional and competitive. Therefore an outsourcing educational program is meaningful at the point where a client is not able to provide that activity appropriate through own resources or capacities.

Targer E&C is prepared to impart all the knowledge disposed to its clients in order to get only the best values out of their human potentials. Using methods of standard lectures, trainings and seminars, as well as special customized programs we strengthen expert and managerial capacities of human resources.

Beside trainings in fundamental areas of industrial culture such as basics of organization, quality management or introduction of ISO 9001, we are proud to provide the market educational excellence in Lean management, Six Sigma methods or introduction of automotive industry's ISO TS 16949.

We aligned the education programs to the level of industrial development in the region as well as to the needs of domestic and foreign clients. According to that we are able to provide the following services:

  • Professional seminars and lectures
  • Professional courses and programs
  • Seminars and courses for managers
  • Monitoring of standards implementation: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 17025
  • Method and system implementation for the complete organisation
  • Education brochures are located in the download section.