Business consulting

Being surrounded by frequent global paradigm changes including digitalization and human networking lead many organisations to ask themselves: How to be prepared for the future?

On a path full of challenges, It is possible to reach that aim only by a strong focus, but the roads may vary. It is fundamental for any organisation to choose the right way and navigate it optimal. Targer Engineering & Consulting is exactly offering its clients to do that job letting them to keep their focus on their products and customers.

Nowadays global and local business environment demands no less than a perfectly chosen business strategy and allocation of resources, especially the production's, taking in account all contributing elements such as: technology, organisational, culture, human, legal and bureaucracy.

The strength of our team lies in the principles of business excellence and advanced knowledge of local industrial conditions and potentials. It represents reliable circumstances for being able to provide best support to clients and improve their competence. We write strategies based upon previously mutual defined plans with our clients. The effects lead to sustainable and long-term implemented changes of improvements.

It is especially important to foreign companies which are interested in operating in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the region to have a strong partner. Our support in that way include writing plans and strategies, audit advices, local development consulting, project realization or short term company management.

The following fields are covered by our services:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Low cost business planning
  • Organisational design and settings
  • Supplier sourcing and development
  • Supply chain management
  • Controlling and KPI introduction
  • Mapping, ERP and IT system introduction
  • Transitional and crisis management
  • Risk management
  • Business excellence and Lean management