Lean - Six Sigma

We live in a world where changetakes place instantaneously and only those who have the capability to maneuver rapidly tend to be successful. Many companies, including some of those thought to be virtually "indestructible," have experienced first-hand how an inability to adapt to a quick changing business environment can result in complete failure. Agility, effectiveness, and efficiency are three key characteristics that business’ must build and execute in order to become excellent. As a synonym of excellence, we in Targer introduce a new vitalcharacteristic - desirability.

Without desirability for customers, there’s no business at all. Well, then for the staff, incl. management. Further, the desirability for the state administration and the local community. Let's not forget that it's good to be desirable for suppliers as well. If all the previous categories are satisfied with the company, and the structure and processes are optimally arranged, it also will be desirable for its owners. In this case, they will have a stable and long-term sustainable profit.

Such there is always a dilemma in which martial arts best preparesa man for actual physical confrontation, there are similar dilemmas in terms of business and operational methodologies. Although Lean Management (also called Toyota System (TPS) or Just in Time (JIT)) has long been considered only for one, in the scope of many options, his triumphal march around the world has not left any dilemmas either in his biggest opposition. Today, Lean is considered a martial art in which through its comprehensive approaches, make the most contribution to competitiveness in the business world and not only in production operations. He even contributes to the medical, public or humanitarian organizations.

What can Targer can offer to you? Using the spirit and techniques of this methodology, we want and we can help the companies to be more desirable in the market and thus sustainably profitable.

Our support is performed in several ways:

• Education and training of employees (Plan & Program)

• Introducing the Integrated Program of Lean-Six Sigma (or Operational Excellence or Continuous Improvement)

• Consulting clients through introduction of the methods including integrated Lean transformation of the company

• Project management in optimization or introduction of new processes

• Introducing special techniques: 5S, Kanban, Pull, A3, Value stream mapping, Kaizen, SMED, TPM, Poka Yoke, Hoshin-KPI, Gemba Walk, etc.

The completed projects provide additional proof that we at Targer have the knowledge and skills to get the job done. Members of our Lean - Six Sigma team had the opportunity to acquire these skills and methods through various masters in a number of companies and apply them as program, project, or team leaders. We have provided these services not only in the BiH region, but also in Germany and the USA. At Targer E&C, we have a long history of working on a number of activities for reputable customers; from seminars to significant optimization of business processes.

There is no reason not to show you how to become and remain a desirable organization independently, or with our support.