1. Conference PIT 2018

Img 09.05.2018 - The first bosnian Conference for Manufacturing, Industry and Technology (PIT 2018) was held in Tesanj on 19th April, and according to the participants' estimates, it exceeded all expectations. The PIT 2018 was organized by Engineering & Consulting ( T & C) and the Tesanj Development Agency (TRA), with the general sponsorship of Mann+Hummel BA (MHBA).

The conference was attended more than 110 participants, along with six speakers on production-related topics, the future of industry and technology, and a panel discussion with general directors of major manufacturing and consulting firms from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Germany.

Targer E & C as an initiator and organizer of the conference is extremely pleased with the response, the presented topics and the beginning of creating and building a network of contacts that are so far absent among production-oriented companies, and other companies that serve to support the production and industry. A special success is that more than 90% of the participants stayed at the end of the conference program and visited the Mann + Hummel BA filter factory. This is a clear sign that the topics and contents justified their goals and essence.

Through further communication and suggestions of all participants, as well as listening to the needs of industry in Bosnia and region, E & C announces continuity maintenance of PIT conference and already work on planning stage for the next conference.

Also, we are particularly delighted with the participation and detailed reporting of the most popular business portals in B&H, as well as video reports on the PIT 2018 conferences and industries in Tesanj. Reports and links can be found at the following links:

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