Project of Lean Transformation - Inox Ajanovic

Img 07.03.2018 - Family businesses in BiH are becoming the only generators of sustainable employment and development in the still “fragile” BiH industries of the moment. However, the directions for further development, market expansion, and human capacity are largely dependent on the dynamics and readiness to face the challenges that is expected in the development cycle of any type of family-owned enterprise. There are many of these challenges and the solution is in timely transformation. The most world-renowned example of transformation is in connection to the Lean transformation methods - essentially improving the way in which value is delivered to the customer. Lean techniques applied in production processes reduce or eliminate wastage, increase flexibility, and thus enable faster adaptation to customers' needs and demands. Companies become more competitive on the market (which is more open to the EU and the world from the perspective of BiH companies in recent years), and the potential for expanding production and exports of products or services is gradually created.

The advantages of the Lean transformation have been recognized and implemented in the past few months by the Tesanj company, InoxAjanović. Since its founding in 2000, InoxAjanović has been profiled as the largest center for processing inox materials in BiH. Although it seems somewhat unreal today, InoxAjanovic is a classic story from a business manual - a story about the painful beginnings in the garage and the gradual development of a family business, which after years, grew to a respectable medium-sized company with over 100 employees. Facing the challenges of further growth and development, they realized that the key to their problems is to improve production and internal capacity. They shared their problem with external associates from Targer E&C, and through the launch of Lean Transformation, we tried to implement solutions that would pave the way for the continuation of a successful business story from Tešanj.

The Lean transformation program started 4 months ago and the first phase has successfully been completed. The initial stage was to educate and train employees about the basics of the Lean methodology, tools, and ways of implementing them. The project of optimizing and eliminating all production losses occupied the central and most time-consuming part of the project. Optimal project management was accomplished through teams formed within the InoxAjanovic company, with the mentorship of Targer E&C coach Damir Hotic and Tarik Kadrispahic. With the assumption that Lean's journey is an endless journey, we want to point out a section of the first transformation results. We are honored that the customer's satisfaction is above average, the results set before all project team members are fulfilled, and the sponsor's intention is to continue and further monitor and control the initiated activities.

Ultimately, the changes that are inevitable and only those that start in time prove to be the most successful and most effective. It is important to confirm that there is an increasing number of owners in BiH who are aware of the changes and demands imposed by the stronger and more hands-on organized economic centers of power. The very realization that reactions and adjustments are necessary in order for other desirable suppliers to foreign and domestic customers to result in timely reactions. Therefore, we would like to thank Management InoxAjanaović for understanding the usefulness of Lean's transformation and courage to start it before their own money and to be ready for the challenges ahead. Certainly, thank you to everyone for the trust shown and the decision that Targer E&C will be your travel companion on this trip. The achieved speed of transformation and the results guarantee that we justified the trust shown.