A summary of the highly successful business 2017 year for Targer E&C

Img 16.02.2018 - The consultant house Targer Engineering & Consulting has made significant progress in business in 2017, and the scale of business plans and expectations in 2018 shifted for several steps in relation to the previously anticipated growth and growth dynamics.

Entering in the third year since of our establishment, the focus was on developing recognizability and originality among customers in BiH, expanding its own capacities, diversifying supply and services, and cooperating with other organizations sharing the same values of further development of the BiH industry. After the whole analysis, we can proudly say that the goals have been achieved and that they significantly change the business plans further.

For the first time, thanks to successful cooperation with organizations TRA (Tešanjska razvojna agencija) i GIZ (Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Targer E&C has successfully delivered two 10-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training training for manufacturing-oriented companies. In the first part of 2017 (February-June) trainings were organized in Tešanj (Mann + Hummel BH, Artisan, Madi, Medena Commerce, Saračević), and the participants worked on adoption of tools from the Lean Six Sigma methodology, the development of ethics that encourages continuous improvements, as well as the DMAIC program for implementing solutions to optimize practical problems in these companies.

Consequently, in cooperation with the GIZ organization in the period from September to December 2017., the second cycle of the LSS Green Belt was held. Opportunities to certify and acquire new knowledge to improve efficiency and productivity in their companies have been acquired by companies throughout hole B&H (Miviko Posušje, TMD-Mibo Brčko, Nova Dipo Gradiška, Inox Ajanović Tešanj, Kovan MI Gračanica, Elin Motors Bosnia Živinice, ZEDA). The realization of the project optimization process in these companies is ongoing and in the final phase.

At the end of 2017, organized by the reputable client, Targer E&C consultants started a major training program for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level at several locations (Pale, Trebinje, Bijeljina). During the current 2018, and 2019., we will work on this educational project.

During the year 2017, there were also a large number of two-day training courses for initial level certification according to Lean Six Sigma methodology. Training for the LSS Yellow Belt level was conducted at in-house seminars, as well as on open training organized by the VTK (Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH).

In addition to Lean Six Sigma training a lot of interest expressed for training from programs SCM (Supply Chain Management) as well as in project management (PM), leadership and topics in the field of techniques of successful management.

In mid-2017, we started our engagement in acquiring knowledge for further improvement and successful story in the BiH woodworking sector through the LSDT program. Tarik Kadrispahić, Managing Director of Targer E & C, took part in the education in the wood industry in Biel, Switzerland. Their knowledge acquired by eminent experts from the wood industry he will during 2018. transferred to employees in successful wood processing companies from B&H.

In September 2017 we also brought technical redesign to our online capacities and launched a web platform called Targer School of Industry. A web platform complying with modern trends enables online sign-ups, easier communication with customers, and a more enjoyable review and interaction between Targer E & C and our followers.

However, the central part and the largest number of business days in the calendar for 2017. Targer E & C was reserved for consultancy activities. The first quarter was reserved for the completion of the Alma Ras high manufacturing organization project. The results are visible through the further development of the mentioned drive, increased exports and expansion of production capacity and employment of workers from the Sarajevo-Zenica region, which is ultimately the greatest satisfaction for targer E & C.

In the last quarter of 2017, three major consultancy projects were launched. The first project is related to the process optimization process in the Austrian company that has production in Živinice. Elin Motor Bosnia is a proof of the company's ability to achieve enviable results for a short time, all thanks to the commitment to continuous improvement and the continuous increase of the goals in the organization of production. It was our pleasure to be part of the team that raised the bar and through Lean tools improve the existing situation.

The topic of quality assurance is very important to our customers. 2017 and 2018 are key for transformation from the old ISO 9000: 2008 system to the revised ISO 9000: 2015. The challenge for a transition from one system to another company Dugatehna Čitluk decided to go with Targer E & C. From September to December 2017. The staff has passed the entire training and challenges that carry the new ISO 9000: 2015 system certification. The project also envisions the training of quality staff, Lean management and process improvement, as the standard itself has been greatly enhanced by the above-mentioned topics.

The importance of this transformation was realized in Inox Ajanović and started with Targer consultants. The first traces of transformation are visible, and the satisfaction of all participants in the project is visible and encouraging for a further continuation and future steps on the Lean journey.

Already for the beginning of 2018, Targer E&C announces two significant projects: launch Leadership Excellence Program for the development of managerial competence of key employees of our partner companies, and conference dedicated Leanu, about which we will inform you in due time. We are constantly looking for new associates and partners, and if you have experience using lean methods and /or business consulting, I invite you to contact us and become part of Targer E&C Team.